Do you want enough beef to feed your family for months rather than just days? If so, a 1/4 beef is the way to go. An average family of 4 will use a quarter of a beef in 6 months to a year. Buying in bulk will keep you stocked for months no matter how large your family. 

This is only a deposit and will lock in your spot to get a 1/4. You will need to fill out a custom set of instructions on how you want it cut and packaged.  You'll be emailed a sheet to fill out once you have paid your deposit. We will be glad to help you understand the sheet and get exactly what you need to feed your family.
(Note: When you get a 1/4 vs. 1/2 you may have to compromise on some of the specific cutting instructions because someone else is getting the other 1/4 of the beef.) 

An average 1/4 beef is 165 lbs and is $4.29/lb which is about $710.

Our 1/4's are 1/2 of a 1/2 of beef, rather than a front or hindquarter. That way you can get some of all the cuts rather than all of a few. 


Currently fulfilling in approx. 60 days!


We use only the most premium fed beef. These beef have been in the feedlot and fed the highest quality grains. We bring them in at the peak time to ensure that the beef in your freezer is nothing but the best! 

1/4 Beef Deposit

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