Where is the store located?

115 W 3rd Ave. White Deer, Texas! Take a turn into town off of highway 60 onto S. Omohundro St and you will see our store one block ahead!

What are your store hours?

Our store is open Monday-Friday from 8am - 6pm and Saturday from 8am - 5pm

Can I pick up my order the same day I place it?

Most orders are filled immediately! Make sure to put in the comment section when you would like to pick up your order and we will try our best to meet that timeline!

After paying my deposit, when do I pay the remaining price for my half beef, half hog etc.?

Final prices vary on weight, therefore we collect the remaining charge when you pick up your order!

How long do sales last?

Most of our sales are "while supplies last"

How do I know when my order is ready?

We notify via email when an order is ready to be picked up.

What meat do you sell?

We sell beef, pork, and chicken! 

Can I make a custom order?

The best way to make a custom cut order (ex. Ribeyes cut to 1 1/2") is to call our store at (806) 440 0462!

How do I learn about sales?

The best way to learn about our sales is sign up for our email newsletter! These subscribers get notified of sales before anyone else, therefore getting first dibs at our "while supplies last" sales.