Meats for July 4th!

Kensie Kimball

🇺🇸 It's fair to say 4th of July is a day to get out get grilling! Here are a few things we recommend grabbing for the grill or smoker for this weekend's 4th of July celebration! 



Nothing beats a good hamburger! Grab a box of hamburger patties for $39.99 and feed a crowd!


We have both spare and baby back pork ribs available, perfect to smoke for the 4th!

Pork Butt


Our whole pork butts are ideal for smoking and can be served in many different ways! 


Another great grill classic, and with so many flavors to choose from we're sure to have a sausage (or 3) you'll love!

Fajita Meat

Cooking on a flat top? Fajitas are great and can feed a ton of people! Grab a pound of our already seasoned fajita meat here! 




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Is this done? STEAKS

Kensie Kimball

It is best to cook beef to kill of any bacteria. Cook steaks to at least 130° to reduce the risk of any bacteria in the meat, which can cause foodborne illnesses (food poisoning). 

It is best to purchase a meat thermometer to accurately test the internal temperature of any meat you are cooking!

"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that populations susceptible to developing foodborne illnesses completely avoid raw or undercooked beef. These include pregnant women, young children, older adults, and those with compromised immune systems." Healthline

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Steak Thickness Guide

Kensie Kimball
Wondering how thick you want your steaks? This guide will help!

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